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LifeStraw Affiliate Program

What is the LifeStraw Affiliate Program?

The LifeStraw Affiliate Program allows brand advocates and online influencers the opportunity to earn a commission by referring online sales. We’re interested in partnering with website owners whose content focuses on hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, emergency preparedness, or otherwise target communities relevant to the LifeStraw brand and products.

How does the LifeStraw Affiliate Program work?

We host our affiliate program through the AvantLink Affiliate Network. To participate in the LifeStraw Affiliate Program, AvantLink requires you to complete a quick application. Within the network you’ll have access to reporting, advanced tools, text ads, banner ads, and our datafeed. These resources are intended to help promote the LifeStraw brand, while tracking referral traffic from your website, social media, or newsletter to our website. For every transaction you refer we’ll pay you a 10% commission on the order value before any tax or shipping charges.

Affiliate Program Highlights & Value Propositions

Product Highlights

It is easy to get started working with us, and you will have access to helpful tools from AvantLink Affiliate Network and support from your Clique management team.